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About Us

We love Marketing, Storytelling, Advertising and Digital Transformation.
We worked for leading brands and high-end agencies. And now we create our own.
We talk AI. We walk AI. It can redefine how you work.

We deliver presentations, workshops, and training. We create concepts and creative content.
Recent AI output is impressive. Possibilities seem endless and tools work at lightning speed.
But it’s human interference that makes them useful and special.
Silly questions (prompts), give silly answers.
The human expert should always lead.

Our beliefs

  • develop an agile strategy

  • create an innovative culture with ethical values

  • set clear creative guidelines

  • use the right tools and subscriptions

  • train skilled professionals with prompt engineering capabilities

Welcome to Next Bonsai, where the future of AI blossoms in the heart of Amsterdam. Founded with a vision to harmonize technology with creativity, we're not just another AI company; we are innovators, dreamers, and creators dedicated to shaping a smarter future.

The Team

This is us

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